How helped a nascent resort to flourish its direct booking model


Neervana is a beautiful luxury resort at the heart of Sakleshpur– a calm and picturesque valley in Karnataka. A homestay turned into an opulent resort, Neervana is equipped with an in-house lake, swimming pool, and a variety of rooms. In addition to being amused by boating and kayaking, guests also take the advantage of indoor and outdoor sports facilities.


However, in its infancy, Neervana was struggling to be visible to its target group as it was overshadowed by its competitors. The occupancy rate during the weekends was very good, due to imbalanced supply and demand during weekends but the occupancy rate during the weekdays was poor. This was restricting the overall revenue along with outlaying the opportunity cost. 


The collaboration of Neervana with was aimed at enhancing reach to the relevant audience, generating quality leads, and attracting more conversions. The idea was to make Neervana a brand name that tops the visitors’ consideration list every time they visit Sakleshpur.  


The success measure of an…

Neervana Sakleshpur