Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a data-driven process that involves generating, collecting, maintaining, and analyzing the details related to customers’ interactions and actions. It is a technology-oriented system that is particularly designed for establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with customers. 

At Thumb360, we use the latest technologies to collect, collate and compile valuable customer data which set the stage for crucial decision-making. We analyze the past interactions and purchase history of the customers to connect the dots and find the trends as well as patterns.

With an effective CRM process, a business is sure to grow in terms of sales and reputation. The marketing process goes beyond sales to delight customers. To win customers’ loyalty and trust, a brand needs to express how it knows the needs and interests of its customers. This is only possible by analyzing the trends in consumer behaviour. 

CRM includes automation of various repetitive services like sending emails to customers based on their recent actions. We are elated and excited to assist you in strengthening your bonding with your customers.