Display Ads
Digital Advertising – Display, Remarketing, Affiliate Marketing

While conventional advertising methods are still popular for mass reach, digital advertising weighs much more for its cutting-edge benefits.

It is only digital advertising that makes it possible to show ads only to the target audience. Not only this, customers can be segmented based on their demographics, locations, interests, and lifestyle. Subsequently, ads can be customized for every segment at a minimal cost. This increases the chances of conversions as customization ensures that the ad is relevant to the customer. Most importantly, a digital marketer can fetch the data to analyze the success rate of the ads on various parameters.

Digital advertising skirts plenty of ad formats and platforms for all kinds of business objectives. Display ads contain text, videos, or images and are presented on third-party websites or social media. Display ads are delivered to the users based on their past internet usage, geographics, personality, or affinity. These ads can be found as a banner, text, video, audio, or an image.

Display ads are very advantageous for remarketing. Remarketing is when an ad is shown to a potential customer who has visited your page, and initiated an action but left it incomplete. Remarketing serves as a reminder to the customers and effectively motivates them to finish the action they have initiated.

Affiliate Marketing involves the commission an affiliate receives for getting every desired action by the customers. Pay Per Click (PPC) is the most commonly accepted method for affiliate marketing.

Thumb360 offers support for every kind of digital advertising. Our experts think intensely about the keywords and the traits of the target audience to serve you the best result rate for your campaigns. In addition to this, we also generate reports after analyzing the results of the campaign, which serves as a guideline for further optimization and improvements.

We excel in setting up Google Ads, Social Media Campaigns, and Performance Marketing. Let’s connect to expand your reach to the relevant customers.