Recruitment and Training

Hiring and training Thumb360

Finding employees with the right skill set remains our priority. Staffing solutions by Thumb360 include connecting with clients to understand their expectations along with the nature of the profile, preparing detailed job descriptions, inviting applications for job seekers, conducting interviews, and handling negotiations followed by arranging the induction and training program for the new joiners.


Preparing Job Description

To attract passionate people, a job description needs to be prepared with passion. Thumb360 makes every effort to fathom the requirements of the current openings. We analyse the soft and hard skill set needed for the role and prepare job descriptions ensuring utmost clarity. A well-written job description provides clarity in terms of the roles and responsibilities expected from the candidate and the benefits offered by the organisation. A comprehensible job description clearly exhibits the set of abilities, working hours, values, and nature of experience required to be considered for the job.


We thoroughly read all the applications and filter the creamy layer in our screening process. Subsequently, preliminary interviews are conducted by our detail-oriented experts. Candidates will also take skill tests when required. Employees will be communicated about the benefits as per the employer’s pre-dictated terms and conditions. After passing through the final selection process, remuneration negotiations are sincerely handled.


Employee Verification

Thumb360 follows a thoughtful approach while verifying the background and documentation of selected applicants. For the most accurate verification, we contact current and past employers to scrutinize the details provided by the employee. 


Induction and Training

Induction and Training- Arrangements for inducting new joiners to the organisation are also made by Thumb360. Employees are introduced to the company’s history and profile. In addition to explaining their roles and responsibilities in detail, Thumb360 also provide training to prepare them for joining. The report of the training is shared with the employer.