Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the most promising marketing platform. This is because the users get to see these ads at the top of the search results page when they search for a keyword. The conversion rate is observed to be the highest for the results which appear at the top of the result page. 

SEM requires peculiar analysis and experience as there are only two to four ad spaces available for every keyword. Continuous bidding and keyword optimization are needed to win the top ranks. 

Search Engine allots the ranking based on the bidding price and the quality of the landing page. Often, organizations end up offering a bidding price much higher than their competitors do. Simply increasing the bid price does not give assurance of a higher ranking.

Thumb360 works at the root level by optimizing your landing page for SEM. Our experts brainstorm the most relevant keywords and design competent ad content keeping the competition and consumers’ expectations in mind. The content, organization, and other technical aspects affect the quality score of the landing page. This quality score, along with the bid, strikes the ad rank. 

Connect with us to make the overwhelming process of SEM trouble-free and productive.