HR strategy and Management

Managing people and organisation culture is at the center of HR services. Thumb360 looks after all the HR processes that are responsible for driving performance. From user creation to on-the-job training (OJT), change management, employee data management, strategising organizational structure and internal culture, Thumb360 provides exceptional customised services. 

User Creation

Thumb360 creates a user account in the company’s MIS or portal for every new joiner. Responsible are assigned to the employees as per their job profile. Rights are allotted according to the designation and requirement of the role.

Employee Data Management

The data that is collected from employees is confidential and crucial to manage for administrative and legislative reasons. The virtue of an effective employee data management service is that it is filed in such an organised manner that any piece of data can be readily presented by the authorised person. Thumb360 proudly assures its client about the confidentiality and organisation of employee data.

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Thumb360 arranges OJT for employees who are yet to practice the skill set required for executing the job under real conditions. Instead of teaching about the job only with pictures and presentations, employees learn by doing. Employees generally begin such training by being a shadow of an experienced employee and gradually they perform the role independently under supervision in an actual or simulated environment. 

Change Management

Thanks to technology and globalization, our environment is serving rapid changes every day to us yet the nature of humans is to resist change. Coming out of the comfort zone always seems to be challenging. Thumb360 prepares and supports teams as well as individuals for organisational or environmental changes. 

Organisational Structure

A company’s organisational structure determines the relationship and quality of interactions between its people. An organisation’s day-to-day activities and operations are decided by its hierarchy. Thumb360 keeps the mission and vision of the organisation in the center and formulates the most suitable organisation structure to facilitate a healthy work culture and efficacy of procedures. 

Our HR Strategy & People Management services are extended to other domains including internal culture, appraisals, transfers, and leave management.