Thumb360 Digital and Technology Consulting Services Pvt Ltd., is a digital tech and growth consulting company exclusively for small and medium enterprises who are looking to optimize their business for efficiency and innovation through technology. There is no doubt that technology adoption helps a seamless working environment and drive business efficiency; but adopting technology and transformation come with a cost and skilled professionals; not all Small & Medium Enterprises (Young companies) can afford it.

Large corporations have the capital to invest in technology and human resources and drive operational and strategic efficiencies; this investment helps them in optimizing their operational cost and drive efficiency. The incremental efficiency gives them the edge over their younger peers to keep their market pricing lower and allowing them to undercut the market prices thus crushing the smaller players to bleed. Added to that are the consolidators & market places in several industries such as travel, retail, ecommerce platforms are driving unhealthy competition, commoditizing products and services where players are deep discounting in a fear not-to-lose a potential customer at the cost of reduced profits or sometimes even at losses.

The COVID-19 pandemic and extended lockdowns have worsened the problems for SMEs that relied on conventional marketing and sales. It’s now or never as SMEs must embrace technology to build their brands in this post-pandemic era.

Thumb360 Digital and Consulting Services Private Limited (Thumb360) focuses on providing technology and transformation services to SMEs and professionals. Our services help SMEs explore the benefits of brand building and digital technology while being inclusive and affordable for all. As our tagline says, “Technology and transformation for everyone”

This is exactly where we at Thumb360 saw an opportunity that the SMEs (Young Businesses) need an exclusive digital technology company to help in overcoming the technology challenges; who can feel the pain and provide an apt solution.

We do not just sell a solution out of the rack, instead we engage in a conversation to deeply understand your pain points and look for the most apt cost-effective solution and travel together until a successful implementation is made. Our goal is to empower your team to manage it and minimize external dependencies.

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Purpose: Technology and transformation for everyone – democratizing benefits of digital technology

Vision: To empower Small and Medium Businesses to leverage the vast scope of digital technology.

Mission: To provide cost effective Technology and Digital Transformation services exclusively to the Small and Medium Enterprises; enabling them to drive their market growth.

Our Values:

  • Honesty, Simplicity &  Professionalism
  • Trust & Mutual Respect
  • Result focused
  • Empowerment