Email Marketing
Email and Database Marketing

Collecting customers’ information to prepare a database is a cornerstone for business growth. Companies ask customers to share their general information at the entry point. However, there are very few companies that go beyond initial data collection to update and enrich their database regularly. Progressive profiling needs to be done in a way where customers are aware of the value they would receive in exchange for sharing their preferences. 

By following the best practices of progressive profiling, businesses can elevate their conversion rate. This is because past interests and behaviour of a customer may not always be relevant to their future actions. Customers are willing to share their data when they trust that their information will be protected and will only be used to add value to their experience. 

Email marketing is much more than merely sending standard mail to a list of email addresses. Email marketing, if done correctly, has the power to push the customers down the funnel. On the other hand, an inconsiderate approach can lead to misfiring and unopened emails. Not only this, frequently ignored emails can be categorized as spam.

Thumb360 guides you on the best practices for building and maintaining an email list that is relevant to your business. Based on the nature of your business, we would customize the content of the email for segmented groups and shoot the emails at the right time in order to get the best ROI. 

We, at Thumb360, craft emails for our clients that inspire the users to take the desired action