Marketing Management
Marketing Management

If there is something that never stops in a business, it is marketing! Constant research and innovation are required to succeed and survive. 

Thumb360 provides customized marketing solutions for your products and services. We handle your end-to-end marketing needs. We conduct research and analyze the market conditions influencing your business. We perform a SWOT analysis to facilitate timely action. Our clients trust us for need-based advertising solutions to flourish their businesses. 

Our expertise is not limited to conventional and digital marketing. We also excel in phygital (physical plus digital) marketing. We study the latest trends in the industry and analyze consumer behaviour to provide the most suitable marketing solutions.

We understand the impact of social media presence on a brand. Be it organic posts or paid campaigns, Thumb360 provides support from designing creative to analyzing the results.

It is worth noting that sales and marketing are not synonymous though they are often used interchangeably. Sales refer to converting leads into customers and selling your products to generate revenue. On the other hand, Marketing encompasses all the activities starting from research and development; across promotions, selling, and distribution; extending to delight and retain customers. 

Strong, thoughtful, and innovative marketing management is non-negotiable for any business. Thumb360 is here to help you with any kind of marketing solution.