Web designing
Website Designing and Development

Your website provides your customers with the first moment of truth. In other words, a website is a “digital storefront” for your business as it creates the first impression for your company and strongly affects the customer’s decision. No matter whether your business stands virtually or physically, your website plays a vital role in inviting and pushing customers down the funnel.

Creating a website works like establishing a foundation. It sets the base for your online presence but its role is not limited to providing the information. The quality, design, and arrangement of the content decide your website’s rank on a search engine page. All social media campaigns, display ads, and search ads also take the users to your website.

Hence, it is critical to have a catchy, well-organised, and content-rich website Thumb360 evaluates your customers’ needs and behavior to design a website that follows their mind map. 

When it comes to website design and management, we are committed to developing and maintaining aesthetic websites that are SEO-friendly,  browser-compatible, rich in content, and inspired by user experience(UX).