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Gmail accounts are free and easy to set up. As a small business, it’s challenging to see the long term benefits of investing in a company domain name and setting up your business email address. 

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However, what do you stand to gain from purchasing a company domain name and setting up your business email?

Making a good first impression – a business email that reads sounds more professional than, for example, A business email helps demonstrate that you have a credible and legitimate business. 

Gain your customer’s confidence – customers tend to perceive businesses with Gmail addresses like as less established. They may even become suspicious and consider the email spam, reducing your chances at conversion and building trust. 

Help you with brand building – when you use a free email address, you promote the free service and not your business. People are more likely to remember your email if it has a custom domain that matches your website and company name. 

Flexible – when you have your domain, you can set up multiple sub-emails like or to manage under your account. It makes it easier to sort out emails based on relevance and tackle them efficiently. 

Protection from identity theft – Anybody can create an email ID on a free email platform to mimic your business. They could use that email ID to cheat or fraud people in your business name and harm your business irreparably.

Security and privacy – Free email services provide low security and privacy features that can put your business at data risk. With your domain name, your communications and confidential data is secure.

Data Backup – when you host your data in-house or through a company service, you can make backups and contingencies so that your data stays secure and accessible. 

The next key question is how do you get a domain email address or business email address at an affordable price? 

Sites like Bluehost, Zoho Mail, Namecheap, Rackspace, IONOS, and Greatmail offer competitive email hosting plans. Google Workspace also offers an email hosting plan, although at a slightly higher price than the others. It’s worthwhile to make a decision based on what your current business needs are, and we at Thumb360 can provide you with the guidance you need to not just find the right email hosting plan, but to build a consistent and effective marketing plan.

Post Author: Rajkumar Paranthaman

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