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You have a website is it popping up when your customers search for you?

Nearly every business today has an online presence, whether it’s a social media account or a google maps listing. You’ve already taken the first step to creating your business website, hopefully with your domain name and not a free account. But what’s the next step? 

You want your customers to find you online, that’s why you’ve invested in digital marketing resources to create your website. But it’s not that simple. To appear in the search results and stand out from your competitors, you need to optimize your site (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) content to rank high in the search results. 

You could do this in two ways; organically or through paid google ads. Appearing in the google search results organically means the first page of google lists your website’s page for the most relevant to search results. If for example, you sell custom furniture and optimise your content to rank for the word custom furniture stores, your company website ranks first in the search results. 

You can also pay for your website to appear on the first page of Google search results to drive your customers to you. When you use either method it benefits you in the following ways – 

As a small and medium enterprise, you can bring new customers to your site, which is just as essential for growth as tapping into existing customer pages. 

It can help increase trust since sites that rank well may give the impression that the company is successful and not unknown. 

You can use a well-ranked page/website to develop and enhance the business’s brand. 

A high ranking website on the search results can serve as a way to promote your business 24/7

You can reach your entire target audience because only those people looking to buy custom furniture would be looking for a site to buy it from. 

Because your advertising is more targeted now, you’re likely to have higher conversions and a return on your marketing investment. 

Since you’re in control of your website you can also bring a better user experience to your site and create a cycle or repeat purchases. 

When you use a content marketing strategy that’s backed by an efficient marketing plan, you can target your entire sales funnel. While not all blog posts would convert, they can help establish credibility and increase awareness of your brand. 

Appearing in the search results and having a content strategy is more affordable than you think. 

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